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Ok so at the last meeting we all randomly picked a song out of a hat. We now have to brew a beer inspired by that song. We will all bring our beers to the July Beer Barons meeting and have a blind taste test to see if we can match up the beers to the songs. Here is a list of the brewers and the songs they picked. Happy brewing! Oh yeah, if you didn’t make it to the meeting we have a couple of extra songs left. email to be added to the challenge.

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The Brewers and songs:

Rich – pure imagination

Gabe – mmm bop

Alex – meshuggah – bleed

Drew – iron maiden – fear the dark

William – iron maiden – hallowed be the name

Rob – Sir-Mix-A-Lot -buttermilk biscuit

Daniel – Beastie Boys – Brass Monkey

James- Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Jorge – Poxy boggaras – Happy jacks undrinkable ale

¬†Happy jacks undrinkable ale –¬†Bonus video with Pirates!