Ok So here is our second try at the Ojai Honey Orange. The last time we primed our bottle with corn syrup and it took some time to carbonate. Hopefully this time it will come out perfect.


Started with 21 gallons of water.


11:35 Started the burner on the hot liquer tank.

looking for 160°


12:03 Water at 120°

12:29 added the grain

now we circulate the wort for 75 mins


** Alex dropped in the ingredients list while pouring the grain


12:32 started the mash

A bee visited durring the mash. I’ll take this as a sign of good luck!


1:50 started the sparge.

adding 9.75 Gal of 168° water from the hot liquor tank


2:23 finish adding the sparge water.

now waiting to drain the rest of the wort to the boil kettle


DannyCab shows up with an early Christmas present!


2:30 finished moving the work

2:34 started the boil!


3:13 saw the hot break monster

started the hops

added the Cascade Hops

60 min clock starts now


3:43 added 2 tsp. of irish moss



3:57 added the first addition of oranges and the yeast nutrient


4:07 time for the Fillmore Orange Honey

mmm honey


4:13 more oranges

Turn off the burner and wait 20 mins


4:16 started the wort chiller


4:37: temp at 160°


5:04 started to transfer to carboy

We hit a OG of 1.054

we are off. the recipe called for a OG of 1.058


5:43 clean up

we tried a blow off tube for the first time

We’ll see how it goes